how to paint over painted wood floors

Hi Bowen! Hi Paula! I suggest that you a very light sand in the areas that you want those black checkered squares. Two weeks does sound a little excessive, but I suppose it will depend on things like humidity and how long it takes to dry. The floor is a laminate wood floor. It's fairly simple to do if you're just painting a solid coat or if you're painting a border or some type of design. During this time the floor can feel firm and dry, but it will still lift easily with a heel turn or while moving furniture. There are pee stains on the floor, along with dried paint, uneven stains, worn spots, the floors are scratched, a real mess, the house is 1940’s. That is very strange, honestly, that shouldn’t happen. I will be sanding it to a smooth finish. Thanks for your input. Thinking of using a latex paint. Appreciate you helping out Bowen, I am sure that he will appreciate your advice. You can use any hardwood (or even laminate), it is really up to you. Hope that helps! Starting from the shiniest, they are glossy (75%), semi-gloss (55%), satin (40%) and matte (20%). Lead paint test kits are readily available and fairly inexpensive. I assume I have to sand? Hi Kristin! Please note that this step is only necessary if you applied primer, otherwise move on to the next part. I’m getting ready to paint my hardwood floors and solidifying my plan of action! I am wondering if I can talk this with a polyurethane water-based coat. Paint is always an affordable way to create that blank canvas. I’ve been reading reviews of various brands of floor paint and I’m having trouble finding one that gets good reviews. By the end of this article, you will have the confidence (and the knowledge) to get it right the first time. The hard-wearing, water-based paint resists knocks and scratches and can be applied directly to wooden floorboards or concrete flooring, and directly over old paint or varnish – with no topcoat needed. When I sand my floors, can I use an electrical drum floor sander with 150grit to start off? Thank you for taking the time to educate us. THANK YOU for your time and advice! If your floors are bone dry, I see no reason to wait two weeks, just because someone says that you should. Thanks for your article. also had the bedrooms looking great untill i did a light sanding after 2 polys- and they turned white- and contradicting advice said keep addind more coats. Copyright © 2020 by Pro Floor Tips -- About Us -- Contact Us -- Disclaimer. I haven’t done that in recent memory but I think it will work out nicely, maybe check some guides on the net before you start and don’t forget to send me some pictures . A year later the floors still look great, except for the area in the kitchen, where the color is badly fading even though the area doesn’t get much traffic. Goodness, that shouldn’t have happened. Also, after white washing or painting, can you apply a varnish to the floor? When it comes to deciding between oil-based paint and water-based (latex) paint, generally we prefer oil for any high-traffic areas and most woodwork. House logic has a great article on this so check that out. Thank you for this easy-to-read and very informative article. Hi Nan! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I appreciate it and I am sure that the community will as well! Can I use an oil based poly over latex painted floors? (I wanted to paint the floors, but hubby wanted them natural- he thinks painted floors will always look dirty). Hello! Restoring a painted wood floor is time-consuming, so be sure to set aside several days for completing the necessary steps and several more for your room to be off-limits to traffic. Don’t even attempt to do this by hand, you will preferably need a belt sander that can usually be hired if you don’t want to purchase one. But, don’t despair! As for the sealants, check out the Winmax range (they have a website). Hi Kim! I know that those things do affect it slightly, but not to the degree you are talking about, hence my question. I want to paint my floors with oil based paint but I’m not sure I can spare them for that long. I do recommend that you place your furniture carefully though, don’t want to scratch anything . Not a little nervous about painting my new wood floors that were laid last week. Remove any excess from the wood surface with a thinner-soaked rag. But let’s go now into straight, painted wood floors. I am planning to rent an orbital sander to rough up the finish and then apply 2 coats of latex floor paint (I have small kids so I need something without all the fumes). I have a big fear of the paint scratching off easily once I’m done and also a fear of it staying “tacky” for weeks. You’re either for it, or you’re against it – as I imagine your dad is – and I am definitely for it. This is an important—though unglamorous—step. Gently vacuum and use your tack cloth to wipe the floor down again. But painting wood floors can be a great and inexpensive way to add value to your customers without going over your budget. My plan was to sand back the entire floor and paint. Let the paint dry completely. Hi Kelly! We purchased SW Porch and Patio latex due to wear and tear from the children. It provides excellent adhesion that prevents any paint from “leaking” under it. Thanks! Just make sure that you match the type of finish to the latex paint you used. Yes, but if there is any bare wood exposed, don’t forget to add a primer first. Especially if your floors are already pretty crappy and you aren’t in a position to replace them. Painting hardwood floors can really liven up a room. If you do experience issues, I invite you to leave a comment at the end of this article and I will help you myself. Either way, if you sand to the bare wood, just remember that you will need to prime the floor (please don’t forget hehe). Painting wood floors isn’t hard if you follow a few tips and use the right products. The final color will be very very light almost white. Yeah, that is the issue with oil, sure its hardy but damn, it is difficult to live with for awhile lol. Will send photos after, if you like, but I do want this to last for another 30 years so need your best advice. Again, thank you for the great article! They are discolored and look horrible. Hey Bill! After cutting the edges with a brush, roll on a thin coat with a 1/4 inch roller 5. Enjoy modern comfort while preserving the charm of your original windows. Hi Judy! The paint also hardened the wood surface, preventing further abrasion. Hi Bill, Excellent Article and continuing responses, obviously helpful as the thread continues into late 2017! Hi Bill, I painted a kitchen floor white with porch flooring latex paint recommended by a hardware store. Hope that helps you! Refinishing Hardwood Floors, The Ultimate Guide, Thanks. Have you tried some wholesale retailers for hardwood planks? I do not have the budget to replace them however painting them might be a great alternative. Comments are usually answered within 48 hours, looking forward to hearing from you. Hope that helps! Hi Chris! A few dings (that’s gonna happen with any floor), a few dog’s nail scratches (if you look just right at certain times of the day) but overall it’s holding up exceptionally well. Which is, oftentimes the only remedy is to replace the individual floor boards that are blackened, and, although best done by a professional, it is easy enough to do once you are aware of how it’s done and the caveats of doing a good job with your particular floor. We want to re-paint old pine floors in little beachside cottage. Hey Bill, just read your excellent article. Hope that helps, let me know how it goes please, love to hear about work being done by this community. If you sand to the bare wood, don’t forget to add a primer Good luck and thanks for the kind words! Pour your paint into a paint tray and apply it to the floor. We figured painting was in order now, as I want a naked cake or clean canvas. Oil- or water-based? While it is possible to start over, that won’t be necessary if you spend some time doing some research beforehand. Hi Bill. Vacuum as you go and when you have completed sanding, continue to pay close attention to the gaps between boards. Basically, when it’s dry enough to walk on, then it’s ready. It should have dried by now, what does it look like today? Kinda frustrated with the finish. Latex based floor paint will be fine, just get a very high quality one and apply 2-3 coats, it is much better honestly. I'm giving you my best tips for how to prep the floors, apply the wood floor paint, and other DIY tips to make sure the job goes well! I have some on an enclosed patio that need to be updated. I painted 3 coats and the knots of the wood are coming through. Hi Jo-anne, the primer is not necessary, unless bare wood is exposed. Yes there are, but they can often be rather difficult to find. Thanks so much for your help! The floor was painted gray with white stenciling. . Hi Bill……thanks so much for the great article!! Remove any excess from the wood surface with a thinner-soaked rag. While most painters tape will work, I recommend using “frog tape”, if it’s available locally. Thanks for any help Bill. Bill: Thanks for the great article. There is no getting around that? I pulled up the carpet in our “cats” room, yes, they (13 of them) have their own room. Bill, just came upon your article…….excellent, thank you. This can be broken into three easy steps (each outlined later in more details). I have stained the steps what is the best thing to apply on them, that will keep them from beening scratch? Go over the floor and look for any holes that need to be filled – use a general-purpose wood filler to fill these in and allow to dry. They have never been finished. And that rationale makes sense. With a little know-how, you can silence faulty floorboards and repair minor damage. The following two tabs change content below. It is a pleasure, glad you like it! NB: You don’t usually need to completely remove the previous layer. If you are feeling creative, you can add checkered designs and other patterns on your top coat of paint. I’m feeling confident to repaint my floors now that I have all the information that I need. Are there even 150 grit sand papers made for the drum floor sanders? The floor seems to be yellowing more as it dries. Sincerely Nanette. Make sure your floor hasn’t been waxed before painting, and remove the wax if it has. Products that contain VOCs are considered health hazards. I have used wood putty to fill any inconsistencies. Now for most people they wouldn’t care as these are clear marks but for Alea, she doesn’t like it. Is it feasible to lay and screw down plywood planks, fill in the gaps and counter sunk screw holes with wood filler, sand those down flush and then white wash or paint the plywood flooring? Do I need to sand the floor before painting and finish with polyurethane, or what? Even if you were a pro, the correct preparation is critical and I encourage you to complete all the steps thoroughly. Careful consideration needs to be given to what technique you use because there are so many variables. If pets were part of the home then dark stains on wood floors are commonly from the ammonia in urine. should i take the oil stain off and follow your directions or can the stain take paint?? I have a question for you once. Appreciate your help. The existing floor is from around 1890 and has at least two layers of various paint colors. I am getting ready to repaint my kitchen floor which gets heavy traffic (yup, dogs, too). This is very important and has two purposes. The majority of floors were constructed of wood planks from 8" to 18" wide, because narrow boards were expensive to prepare in a pre-industrial era and therefore reserved for the best rooms. Hi Allison! So am I, so let’s get this show on the road! In a previous comment, you mentioned that refinishing and painting might be same cost. If we wanted to paint the floors, do you think the paint would stick if we just lightly sanded, cleaned and applied a primer first? (I’m painting them white for a cottage feel) I put on 2 coats letting them dry for at least 49 hours between coats. I want a light color with a low sheen for a cottage look. It can withstand regular foot traffic without fading. I have had people from my community tell me that they applied three layers of paint on their wooden floor planks! Provided the floor is completely dry (usually it’s a good idea to wait at least 24 hours), apply the paint primer where needed. Bill I loved your article. I’m getting ready to paint my floor and I have 1 question that you might be able to answer for me.I have always loved the look of painted wood floors that have been coated with a clear hard floor wax. We can’t afford to re-do our master bath yet & we just pulled the carpet out. Go for it. They are very old floors (1890) and the paint seemed to strengthen them. Hope that helps, please share my blog on social media if you appreciated my help . Floors made from wood, cement, tile or linoleum (not so much laminate) make excellent surfaces for painted floor designs, and these days there are a number of specialist products for each of these types of surface that will help you achieve a professional finish. How do I fix this AND Do you have a colorless recommendation for a sealer over light colored paint. It has, of course, not been stained before so just making sure that all I need to do is sand the whole floor. Rosina ☺, Hi Rosina! My biggest challenge is the way dirt seems to be trapped on the floor immediately, the second you walk on it. We sanded first and then used two coats of a floor paint for the base, then added a design on top using a sign painters painting enamel. All the ones I’ve seen online to rent have all said that they are made for 20 to 80 grits. Yes, it will. Cover it in paint and start painting the floor by the side of the room farthest from the door, to avoid getting trapped and unable to … As you mentioned that it takes a fairly long time to dry. I’m trying to convince my wife that we should paint our floors rather then have them redone, as I can’t afford it. Thanks for your kind words I havn’t used that (not saying it is a bad product though), just choose a quality product that is specifically used for hard woods. Hi Armen! Is it okay to sand, prime, paint and then polyurethane? I was wandering if I screwed it up just how big of a mess is it to resand and put a stain on it? However, if your current wood floors are made up of cheap wood or you are looking for a specific color, then most certainly, paint can bring some luxury to them. Cut in the edges of the floor with a paintbrush. Hi Bill, great article! Thanks for your kind words and apologies for the late response. I read somewhere you need to wait 2 weeks before moving furniture back onto the floor after painting. Smaller areas can be painted with a paintbrush. Oil is great, but I am surprised that the latex didn’t hold up. I’m trying to do this on a budget and don’t want to mess anything up and have to start over again. With quality materials and proper preparation, you can revitalize your painted wood floors and preserve them for many years to come. However, I definitely suggest prepping the floors first (usually this involves a light sand, etc, not to bare wood though) as this will make sure it turns out well.

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