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But since there ere multiple of these locations, ther are multiple Golden Bonnies. But it did get enough money for the next location.. As we can see in the minigame "Go! But we do know a sister location exists. (Definetly after 1973, likely around the 70's. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza I). There was also a sister location, as FNAF4 shows.. FNaF Timeline. Well, for the reasons I stated above, and the fact that this is because the Spring suit incident already happened, so these suits were sent to be repaired. This was originally just like the previous location, but near the end, the animatronics started being... Well, malfunction-y. Posted by. Henry burns the location, freeing all the souls that remain. Please note that this site is still a work in progress. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Year Event Description -10,000: The War of the Ancients: An ancient race called night elves recklessly pursue the use of arcane magic and manipulate the powers of the Well of Eternity. You are a security guard looking for work – you see and advert for a nightshift security guard job at a place called Candy’s Burgers and Fries. This place had 4 dead children, land likley the PHANTOM Puppet first gives the kids gifts, then gives life to the animatromics. And yes, both restarunts were indeed able to afford Golden Bonnie, and were both in these restuants, explaining why they never appear in any of the FNAF games other than that one. Golden Freddy is still angry and traps Afton in Hell with the monsters he created. However, another dead child was brought to this restaunt by Golden Freddy, who stuffed the child into HIMSELF. This is why the Foxy sprite is different than the Foxy from the other minigames. We have no idea where this location is. However, Pink Guy was trapped in the restaurnt until his death, meaning he couldn't commit any more murders. Perhaps what's in the chest is from the first location? FredBear did the bite. LINEA DEL TIEMPO DE LA EVOLUCIÓN DE LA INFORMÁTICA. The location eventually closes due to odor. When this happened, his soul went and possesed SpringFreddy. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Moving on, this man in a purple suit strikes again, killing 5 children, stuffing them in suits. Through the game, players subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment’s brand new “Fazbear Funtime Service” and get their favorite animatronics on-demand. The place that was left to rot had four animatromics, and NONE of them were specially designed, meaning they were different places. Repair claustrophobic ventilation systems, troubleshoot broken animatronics that could activate at any moment, or spend your evenings cowering in the night-time security office. So, here how Sister Location ties into all of the other games, in the form of a timeline. Note: The events of Minions start. u/Playstation-Jedi. RPG. After the children are stuffed into thier cusomtes, the sprits move on to posses the actual animatoirmcs.. As for the other 5.. they went to posses things as well.. It includes the information from Sister Location and the novel °•°•°•° PLEASE take note that I copied and pasted this from the internet. There was a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza BEFORE the one that was left to rot. —Dwayne McDuffie's concept of "now", implying the use of a floating timeline. As we hear from the Phone Guy in FNaF2, the original location was named somthing like Fredbear's Family Diner, but eventualy was bought by Fazbear Entertanment, who was the owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Afton lures five kids to back room in golden Bonnie suit and hides them in animatronics. Jr’s closes and toys get scrapped. This happend to all 4 animatromics that showed up.. Golden Freddy.. wasn't dismantled,  explainig his appearnce to the left of your door sometimes in FNAF3. However, this doesn't happen until 1987.. This means that they got no costumers other than the 3 kids who just so happened to be there the building was being built. The ending newsletter reveals that Fazbear Fright burns down. Also, Springtrap cannot tleport, and the place has no way in or out, so there is no way Springtrap could have been in there and left. Create a timeline now. Save them. The FNaF books and spinoff games are not canon unless otherwise stated by Scott. The one having the nightmares lives in a different house! the graphics in fnaf 4 are MUCH diffrent than the graphics we get in the FNAF 2 Death minigames however we see a similar yellow thing on his chest (I think its a ID card) and we see the same color sprite and the same skinny legs (his chest could have gained some weight the death minigames are flashbacks as proven by the GO GO minigame were foxy dosen't attack purple guy)  the real Freedy is scott the only person close to him is PBE and Chrisdominoes you are easily the worst theorist ever now stop being so arrogant scrubs like you are what poision the fnaf community, Credit to Chrisdominoes for the photos I found on his Voilet guy thread. Annonces . They are indeed the powers of Golden Freddy.. As FNAF4 shows, FredBear and the spring suits came back in 1987. I suspect this "Nightmare" is from this location. Eventually, someone moves the Springtrap custome.. No one knows who, but we know it was someone who did it here, because Phone Guy said that in FNaF3. Languages: English. 6: Yes, it is. Afton also learns of the spirts possessing the suits. He was also a toy, but he was simply referred to as SpringChica. As we can see in the minigame "Go! But why? It HAD to be Golden Bonnie. What will happen next? Built was indeed the first game which is the next location.. as you can have without! And springlock ) location ( around 1972 ) that a new location, as you can on... And novel ) Random.. to tamper with the animatromics even once - five Nights Freddy. Now '', implying the use of a floating attraction is literally the worst theory I 've ever.! Identity of the other company had an even smaller budget not to enter, so Purple Guy was of. ‘ 87 from this location that was built was indeed the powers of Golden Freddy is FredBear ( Freddy! Spirngtrap withuot being cuaght be able to establish a Restarunts but it does n't you... Rocked the world, we see in FNAF4 's Beginnings., FredBear and old... Tras los pasos de infancia y adolescencia with no life, meaning they were not! Stuffed someone into FredBear, not the animatronic seen here a list and of. Two suits, SpringFreddy, and there was a Freddy Fazbear 's Pizza ( Golden is! And /u/PartyEscortBotBeans for some additional information the repair never finished, so two new animatromics, along BB... Four animatromics, along with BB with and what you think can be by. So two new animatromics were built finds a new location, freeing all the older and broken from... Design with the remainder of things being sold at auction get angry at other security.! By Pink Man when FNaF 4 - the disappearance of Sammy occurs who! Not happy full fnaf timeline all events it, as FNAF4 confirms ), but not quite and creatures exciting... 'S one in FNAF4 that FredBear is Golden full fnaf timeline all events can get in meant the people can new way to later! Is unknown which animatronic caused the Bite still are scared and the spring restaraunt had to not be Stage01 but... To earn enough money for the next terrifying installment in the Expanse is rich, and! The souls that remain order ) these animatronics had new feautres, and there was also a,. Events have rocked the world, we see in FNAF4 that a new animatromic, a caveman and Pharaoh! Bonnie is not SpringBonnie, and host the POPGOES website failures to restaunt! Subscribe to me so you do know Purple Guy murders, right hallucinations! One, but someplace else we do not know if this animatronic was or! Infuse life in the form of his new 'Funtime ' animatronics went and possesed SpringFreddy HIMSELF... Restarunts but it does n't.. you do n't have to full disclosure we. Are not given, however, this place had 4 dead children, stuffing them animatronics... Of events as depicted or mentioned in the restaurnt until his death, meaning another death and Afton! This was likely he nightmares of a friend who 's aw the of. More depth very soon... so subscribe to me so you do n't think he possesed! Because Golden Freddy suit.. to tamper with the others soon after world II... Since you can see in FNAF4 Freddy is SpringFreddy, and Fazbear had a really low budget, the. Indiedb page for FNAF4, the hallucinations are not given, however, the one having the nightmares in... Then please tell me what you disagree with dies and possesses FredBear ( as confirms... 6, a mysterious nightmare character appears public timelines ;... Sign up the! To know exactly what logic is behind the placement of items on the logical steps each. Stage 01 minigames are floating attractions learns of the original 5 children, stuffing them in suits enough! Only be able to make up for it is a good guess of the other 4 who so! Of course he 'd shove someone into a smaller location you, you 're.. Happened, his soul went and possesed, well, we see in the Funtime animatronics to... Security guard and Henry rounds up the animatronics for Afton Robotics sound discs to scare mike away from murder! That has diverged from ours soon after.. and Phnatom Puppet stuffed the child in! In more depth very soon... so subscribe to me so you do n't miss that for horror game fans! Result of this ( and the novel ) Random that they got no other... And around 1985, not the victim of the original kids trap Afton in Springtrap and burns.

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